Kōkō ʻUla

Marques Hanalei Marzan

Kōkō ʻUla (The Cherished Carrying Net)

Tuesday 30 May – Friday 28 July 2017

Artist Reception: Friday 02 June, First Friday 6:00-8:30 pm

Artist Statement:

Respect is the foundation to understanding Hawaiian thought and world view. It is given to all things, from the upland forests to the vast expanse of the ocean, from the foods that provide sustenance to the hands that nurture and care for us. This intimate network of relationships holds us all accountable to one another.

When we are born, we are cradled in our mother’s arms. As a child, we are taught by our elders the connections we have with our world. As an adult, we strengthen that commitment to our world and create the next generation to carry on that responsibility. As an elder, we share the values that time has taught us. Respect is given and received over our lifetime and in time, when we can no longer walk because of old age, we are carried by our family in nets, ka i kōkō. The bonds created in this world do not cease when we get old and infirm, it is rather a time when our commitment needs to be its strongest. The wisdom of our kūpuna are treasures that deserve our utmost respect.

In the past, the kōkō, net carrier, was used to care for and protect our food and personal possessions when travelling, as well as our elders who were no longer able to walk on their own. This vessel, a physical manifestation of respect serves as a reminder to never forget that we are all connected, and are never truly alone.